Welcome to abound... We provide you with a more diverse method of building business credit,tools needed to operate your business,a proven system that helps you grow your business,a network to advertise your business and events!

More than just another Business Credit Builder, we're your system for success.

Our step-by-step Business Credit Builder isn’t the only benefit we offer…. We are a complete resource and  business tool with social media capabilities.  Lets be honest, there’s more to your business than building your business credit.  Credit alone, wont help to establish and or grow your business. So we’ve created the ultimate experience and resource tool for business owners. Our combination of business credit building, networking and resources ensures your business’ growth and development.

"Your future success is determined by your current network"

Networking is an essential tool for any business owner to have in their arsenal. Building relationships with other business owners and colleagues can open up new arenas of opportunities, help identify potential partnerships, provide access to valuable resources, create brand recognition and help expand the reach of your business. Networking also allows you to gain insights from the experiences of others, enabling you to make better decisions that could help develop and grow your business. Additionally, networking can help increase referrals, build credibility and trust, and create valuable connections and contacts that can be tapped into in the future.

Why us?

We'll help take your business to the next level.

Our platform provides entrepreneurs with an advanced solution to learn and grow together. We offer a range of resources, enabling small business owners to access the knowledge and tools needed to expand their understanding of business ownership and overcome common challenges. Every user is able to benefit from our wide-ranging services, all included within our system for a reasonable cost.

Our approach is different than theirs....

Here’s a few of the services we offer inside our platform… and what sets us apart from other Business Credit Builder systems!

  • Your Dashboard

    Current News articles and updates from all over the platform, in one area, Pickup where you left off or come here to see your daily financial news. 

  • Networking

    Connect with other members and share ideas and insight into being successful entrepreneurs. Follow, like and comment on posts and updates from other members

  • Courses/E-learning

    Take courses within the platform and familiarize yourself with a new skill. All of our courses are geared towards entrepreneurs and business owners.  

  • SEO Audit Tool

    Scan your website for opportunities to make your online presence stronger. Download each scan and give it directly to your programmer or website developer for better search engine optimization and performance

  • Invoice Generator

    Create invoices for your services completed. Customize each invoice with your company's logo and branding colors.  Download and send your completed invoice to your clients. This tool is simple and easy to operate.

  • Business Credit Builder

    Build your company's business credit profile by using our step-by-step business credit builder. Multiple Tiers of Vendors who offer NET payment terms and other forms of business credit building opportunities.

  • Business Funding

    Apply for multiple loan and credit line opportunities with one application. Our Funding process is powered by Lendio, the world's largest Lender Marketplace.  Fill out one form and gain access to a suite of funding companies.

  • Document Center

    Choose from over 700 document templates and examples for your business use. Download and edit any document. Don't see a document you need? Reach out to us and we'll get it added!

  • Resources

    See a list of reputable companies who provide everyday solutions for your everyday business operations. Don't see a company that you recommend? Submit the vendor and we'll attempt to get them added. 

  • AI Content Writer

    Get ideas and content for various business tasks including, website content, social media ads, blog ideas, blog content, etc... This tool is a must use for content creators, website professionals and bloggers.

Did I mention, We give back!

We share our monthly membership fees directly with our members/users. Every member of abound has the ability to refer new members to our system and earn a 50% monthly residual income for the lifetime of their referral.

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